“Diary of a Naked Artist” …. Poem

“Diary of a Naked Artist”

 As much as I want……

 I can’t apologize for my uninhibited ways.

My broad-minded acceptance of life in this world with total tolerance.

Like mothers enduring screeching cries

from her colicky baby.

I know it’s very trying……

With my expressions always heightened.

Emotions amplified, desires insatiable

The need to express every drop of existence

from the valley of rain too large to measure.

And, I’m sure you’re more comfortable……

With people who go about life

in a standard way, day to day

Automatic, Robotic, consistent

Like the clock that ticks day in, day out

and how precious time will eventually dictate you

into non-existence.

But, asking me to be that…..

Is like asking rushing water

not to slam chaotically into riverbanks.

Wind not to flow invisibly carrying leaves

to their final destinations.

Lightening not to grace us with jolting

light and wonder.

And asking the breathe that I inhale

Not to exhale episodes of visual and verbal beauty.

Welcome to my Diary…….

Absorb it, comprehend it

Naked and  transparent

And allow every mesmerizing word

To transport you

Into the soul of an artist.

By:  Yvonne Zepeda