Question: Do you have a secret “Diary”?

Do you have different journal books you write in?  Is one for everyday “normal” writing and the other a “taboo” writing that you hide from the rest of the world?  Is it more like a diary?  Hmmmmm?  Please share…… I promise I won’t tell anyone what’s in it :).


One thought on “Question: Do you have a secret “Diary”?

  1. Funny how I ask these questions of you guys….. that I secretly want to ask myself. I’m typically a poet and a short story writer and here lately I’ve wanted to write about certain people and subjects that I know of “personally”. But, what’s the etiquette of this? I would hate for these people to actually read it and even though names and some of the scenes would be changed…. they might actually figure out that its them I’m writing about. So, to write passionately or secretly?


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