“In the middle of losing my mind, I found myself”. by Yvonne Zepeda

I love writing and creating quotes.  This one “In the middle of losing my mind, I found myself”, created almost 6 years ago always has such a profound meaning for me.  As an artist I was different than everyone else as a child, a teenager and now as an adult.  My teen and young adult years were extremely trying for me as I walked through life with a hightened creative, emotional and sensitive nature.  And, it seemed like everyone else was living with only half the senses that I had.  My life was a rollercoaster of  trying to discover myself and also fit into society as a productive member and ride the “train ride” less taken when all I wanted to do was ride the “train” that lead to the unknown.  I lived with intense creative emotions, intense desire for love mentally and sexually, and the need to find others like myself.  And eventually, late into my 30’s…… I found myself.  It starts out with alot of self-sabotage followed by self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and the strength just to be who you were meant to be :).  Enjoy.