Is a lobotomy for me?

If having multiple passions, desires, talents, businesses and it’s about to make you lose your mind….. well maybe :)?  Ohhhh that’s right, its called being an artist.  A fleating, over-joyed, inspired by every friggin thing, natural-born renaissancy spirit.  I ponder about what I would be like without all this colorful interference constantly in my brain and haven’t really come to a concrete conclusion.  But when I ask my friends about my dilemma, they tell me “without it” I would be no-where near as fun as I am now.  I just love my friends (big smile).  All through the year 2013 I maneuvered through the maze of multiple blogs, websites, facebook pages, etsy sites, etc, etc. in the hopes to give all my nitches and talents their own name and space.  I kept looking at them from a distance as a separate entity, instead of the reality of where they really lived…… inside me.  Every single thought, poem, painting, concoction of teas and herbal pleasures, crocheted beauties and crafts….. lives in this unique space called “the spirit of Yvonne Zepeda” that is unlike anyone or anything else that will ever exist on this physical plane.  And the best thing I learned is this: “Though I have the talents and abilities to do multiple artistic and creative projects, doesn’t mean I SHOULD do ALL of them, or at least not at the same time!”.   So, I’m officially branding myself.  I am a brand.  And from here on, every creation I come up with will be displayed here on this blog site.  I’m looking forward to closing down all the other virtual spaces. With love and light this year and always, I look forward to bringing you laughter, words, art, crafts and wisdom.  Happy New Year!

yvonne holiday


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