Jesus in the Sky with Diamonds – Dream Diary 2

Picture myself standing with the tip of my toes curled on the edge of a red earth cliff. Looking down I see only blackness that seems to go on forever. The soles of my feet desperately grounded into the earth like roots of a tree. My body moves slowly like fluid and I’m afraid to fall. However, all of this seems so familiar to me. In the darkness I see the glowing, beautiful colors of our galaxy, the solar system and all the beautiful planets. I’m curious and scared all at the same time and wonder why I’m standing in space. My only comfort is that I know my Mother, the earth won’t let go of me. Each time I visit this recurring dream a little more details surface. Most times, the dream stops where I see something flying at incredibly high speed towards me. I don’t know what it is and I’m afraid when it gets to me it’ll knock me off this earth. As I stand there clinging to my catholic rosary, I pray that every bead transforms into links of a chain so I can climb back up to earth. Tonight, this thing flying towards me is coming with so much force and energy that the whole universe is shaking. I’m terrified. All of a sudden, about 20 feet before me everything slows down and I can see the top of a man’s head. It seems like he’s wearing a white, linen tunic and some kind of long, red cape. As he comes closer he raises his head and I see Jesus’s beautiful face. About a foot away from me, just as soon as I see him, his body curves upward and he flies into space. From his bare feet pour out tiny diamonds that cover my whole body. Soon each diamond illuminates everything around me…… the earth, the sky, the universe and all I feel is warm and flowing abundantly with pure LOVE.
By: Yvonne Zepeda

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