Felt like writing :). “Stones Belong in the River”.

The spirit of the river calls to those with the coldest of hearts. Intuitively she answers. Giant marbled colored stones in cream, brown, yellow and some brick red invite the warmth of skin. Sand mounds playfully dance, float and land above and through the stones. She loves the coldness. Safest place to be on the river bank. The ball and curves of her feet clinging to smooth and edgy pieces. The solid weight of her torso and chest keeps her planted firmly and pressed determinedly into the earth. She smiles teasingly when the water rushes back and forth, running and hitting her just slightly over her toes and ankles and can’t knock her from her stance, but retreats back into the flow. She says…..no, no….. not going in. The river’s mirror smiles back at her as she looks down. Her own face bouncing up and down, round and round under small choppy waves and tiny water twisters forming softly from place to place. Laughing she sees her face and body reflected in the water rushing to and from and slamming against the edge and she waves “hello”. The dizziness of the river eventually wins and she’s being pulled under. In panic mode she’s fighting against her weight being pulled down, kicking and peddling but continually going down, down. Watching oxygen bubbles rise up to the surface along with her life. Eyes wide open in disbelief and right before unconsciousness she takes the stone out of her chest, releases it to the bottom of the river…… and floats up to the surface. Stones belong in the river.


4 thoughts on “Felt like writing :). “Stones Belong in the River”.

  1. Hi Yvonne…once in awhile I pop in and find one of your writings at the most appropriate times…they always hit my core…for whatever reason I am here reading Stones belong in the river…I have to breath…emotional…Rivers are meant to be shared and Back to the river…don’t know why…today of all days…I can relate so well to your poetry….heartbreaking…romantic…powerful…hope…Thank you….C


    • Cara!! Thank you so much. I’m so glad that they touch you so much and that the feelings resonate with you. Wr women and our emotions….ughhhh, lol. Hope you are doing well Hon. Thanks for being a loyal follower.


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