Conversations: “Angels and Sinners” – A new play I’m working on. Enjoy.

In walks the angel, looking like she’s been flying through a burning building. Her cream and gold-colored robe stained beige and charcoal, shredded slightly on the ends and tips of her white wings burnt and missing a few feathers. The sinner, sitting with one leg crossed over the other bouncing softly, on a smooth, plush, green oversized chair with a glass of red wine and a half-full bottle on a wooden table beside her. As the angel walks in, surrounded by a cloud of dust and smoke, she almost trips while waving her hands in front of her face swiftly, she yells:

Angel: What the hell was that!?

Sinner: (Rolling her eyes and shrugging her shoulders). What?

Angel: Dammit… know what!

Sinner: Oh Damn… we go again. And, hey, hey….. You are an angel, you’re not supposed to curse. (Pointing her finger at the angel).

Angel: I curse because of you!

Angel: Why must you go so close to the edge all the damn time? (With both hands outreached to the sinner and shaking her head “no”). You know I can only do so much?

Sinner: Ohhhh My Word! Really? I’m sure you’ve dealt with worse sinners than me? C’mon sit down, chill. (Reaching for the angel’s hand). Here have a glass of wine…’s a really good bottle this time. (Smiling big with bright eyes).

(The angel sits on a chair beside her, breathing heavily, with a half-torn chancla (sandal) and takes the glass of red wine from her and gulps half of it down).

Angel: You know you can’t keep doing this right?

Sinner: Hey! You know what? You go tell “God” that he put me here. This bullshit about being broke half-the-time, dealing with cheaters and liars, making me a single mother, having a shitty childhood and making me short! This shit is NOT FUNNY AT ALL! Thank goodness he gave me wonderful kids and a great dog companion. But the rest, he needs to step it up! (The sinner smiles looking up). Just kidding “God” (Teehee, giggling). Does he really hear everything (squinting her eyes)?

Angel: (with her eyes wide open, in disbelief) I need another glass of wine!