What happens to Cinderella after Midnight.

She always says, nothing good ever happens after midnight. Told to her by fairy Godmothers, Aunties, Besties and women who were born before digital clocks were invented. And contrary to popular belief, she is at home and not out at a bar. And here she is, in comfy pajamas, sipping on her third glass of red wine. Cinderella is running against time and the tick tock of her life. Looking at this modern manufactured clock with the fancy digital bright green neon numbers that say in a digital way that time waits for noone. It, the time is 11:31 pm. Midnight is coming. Cinderella must hurry. Her bed awaits. The dreams of the prince on the white horse only exists in the depths of peaceful sleep and slumber. Though she is missing a shoe, she still believes.