My original artistic love.

My first love in art was drawing.  So, I’m super stoked to be using this medium again.  I told the story to my boyfriend the other day about how hard it was to be a young person of 9 or 10 years old in a family that just couldn’t afford to buy art supplies and how I would draw with just the simplest of materials.  Any kind of paper I could find would do.  Receipts, napkins and sometimes typing paper that my Mom would share with me.  I also had to use whatever #2 pencil I could find in the house.  A few years later, I got my first clerical job at age 15 1/2 and every day as I walked in downtown Houston to the bus stop to make my way home, I passed by an art store.  I never went in.  I just swooned through the glass windows and looked at all the stuff I wanted to buy.  When I got my first paycheck, I ran straight after work to that dang art store! LOL.  I took $10 and bought 4 really nice Faber-Castell drawing pencils. An H, a B, a 4B and a white pencil.  I also bought an 8 1/2×11″ sketch book and a small white rubber eraser.  Yesssss…..believe it or not, I was able to get all that with $10 back in the year 1980.  I look now at the many, many art supplies of every medium you can think of, in every shape and color, that I have and realize how blessed I am to be able to create any kind of art I want at any moments notice.  Just a couple of months ago, I delivered 3 boxes of art supplies as a donation to the local cultural art center for kids in my old neighborhood where many poor and middle class children go to learn and create art.  I think of them often and hope they are enjoying creating art as much as I did as a child.  Here’s a piece from my new series of work called “Tattooed Beauties”.  I hope you all like it.  Prints are available for this piece starting at $50.  Much Love.

Tattoed Beauty #1


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