Take a seat

amongst the trees

with Mother’s most beautiful leaves

taking a bow

in their final breeze.

– Y. Zepeda



“Rivers are Meant to be Shared”. Sequel to “Back to the River”.

She laughs every time she sees them. Fishermen who try to come too close to her spot on the river. Trying to throw her a line. “Look at him” she says to herself. “He doesn’t even have the right equipment. This is a rough, stony and choppy river. That line and bait is not made for this type of water”. They ask if she needs help…… “A pole, some line, some bait, some tips. It won’t cost her anything they say, just some conversation”. Over and over they try and she snaps back “do you see a tackle box with fishing supplies next to me!? I’m not fishing today.” Eventually, they stumble back to where they came from, tripping and slipping over giant rocks and left with broken fishing supplies. Then there are the guys trying to get to this side of the river with a boat.  No kidding! Ohhhh, these are the best.  She says “No, I don’t wanna know how big your boat is. And no, I don’t care how much it cost. And no, I don’t wanna go for a ride. What they don’t realize is that she’s already made her “river bed” and lay-ing in it….ALONE. No she’s not fishing. She, the stones, the river…..they’re all just fine. She’s only needs this little carved out spot that she’s been comfortable in, for a while.  One day…..the strange one comes along. He’s large and bald.  He’s barefoot, without a T-shirt and just wearing shorts. And he’s jumping from rock to rock in the middle of the river. Looks like he’s having fun. She’s curious, but really just wants to tell him to go find his own damn river. He jumps so carefully not to trip and fall and he seems to be coming closer to her.  She doesn’t see any fishing gear?  And she doesn’t see a boat or party of any kind?  Where did he come from and what does he want? She notices that there’s something hanging from his chest. As he gets closer, she notices that he has a brown and silver rosary hanging from his neck.  Stunned, she looks down at her own chest at her own “rosewood rosary” that hangs from her neck.  Finally after fighting the rough river and slippery rocks, he lands right in front of her.  He stares her down with hazel-green eyes and doesn’t say a word.  She’s nervous and doesn’t speak to him. He plops himself right next to her on the river bank. Just sitting silently, they watch the river.  Her gut tells her that she’s safe. Something very kind about him.  She says to herself……”I guess he can stay”.

**** To properly understand this story, you should read the first of this sequel.  Go to the Archive for January, 2015 to read “Stones Belong in the River” and then after that go to Archive for April, 2015, to read “Back to the River”.