Goodies in the shop.


What’s New In My World.

Hi All.  Happy Holidays. I hope you are enjoying the weather and not trying to kill people as you shop for Holiday gifts ;). I’m doing most of my shopping online!  Anyway, I wanted to invite you all to visit my new store with Shopify.  Its called “Her Cracked Halo”.  It’s fairly new and a little empty, but soon it will be filled with lots of goodies.  On the horizon are my own poetry and short story books, my own designed coloring books, fashionable clothing and accessories with my designs, etc.  Feel free to check it out and share. .  Also, along with the shop, I’ve opened up a Facebook group, also called Her Cracked Halo.  Feel free to join and share the group. I will be on Facebook LIVE next Thursday with a FREE Christmas gift giveaway.   Much love and many blessings to you all.