Are you having “political” burnout?

You know, you feel like you’re head is about to explode from all the political talks and rants on your Facebook, twitter, favorite blogs, news sources and television?  It’s everywhere!  But this week, I saw it.  A tiny creeping of people slowly burning out. They came online and demanded that we all just stop talking and sharing all this Presidential political crap.  And they offer suggestions for posting different subjects, such as puppies, love, positive affirmations….. and Oh My Gosh, one even said “Please start sharing what you ate for lunch again!”, Hahahahaa.  Hmmmm…..soon I felt warm and fuzzy.  But nope, “Bammmm”, 5 minutes later they were at it again!  Well, at least they tried.  But I have a nice solution for them.  They should buy these really cool mini coloring books.  They are so tiny they can fit into a small to medium size purse or man-bag.  Only 7 1/2″x7 1/2″ big and they come with a nice starter kit of coloring pencils.  Take it with you everywhere and unplug from all of your social media sites.  And every time you think about politics, just open the book up and start to color.  Super affordable at only $7.00. May not completely kill your political craze, but its a start :).

These and others can be bought at


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