I’VE MOVED! Finally Leaped to the Self-Hosting side of Blogging.

I did it!! Wow….. I feel like an adult now. I finally switched over to self-hosting for blogging and my website. So thankful for the followers I have here on this blog, but would love for you to continue to follow me on my new blog: http://hercrackedhalo.com/blog/ .  I will eventually delete this wordpress.com blog. For those of you who choose to follow me, please subscribe to my new email address yvonnezepedastudio@gmail.com and say something like “Old site follower”.  You will receive 3 free coloring pages as a gift of appreciation and thanks from me.  Much Love!

Gleaming ear to ear with joy. As a short story/poetry writer and an artist, I’ve always had a blog to keep track of all my writings and art I create. I started back in 2005 with Blogger, then in 2009 switched to WordPress.com (the free “limited” site).  But you know, I never quite committed to using the site to its full potential.  I mean, I would post once a month and share it on my 4 social network platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).  But because I never really took the time to learn all about SEO, tagging, networking, hashtags, etc., none of these platforms really grew to huge heights.  Between the four platforms, I’ve got about 750 “live” subscribers. But again, no real action going on.

For the last 10 years or so, I was ok with that. Just blogging from time to time. I’m not sure why I stayed in that position? Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve always had a full-time job, that I didn’t feel the need to make blogging my full-time career? Maybe I wasn’t a “starving” artist? Maybe I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into something I knew I didn’t have the time to grow. Maybe I was just happy being hired by a few collectors I have, that kept me busy with small commissions here and there?  Maybe the exhaustion of raising 2 now grown children and currently almost finished raising a 16 year old and all the dynamics that come with that? Maybe it’s the fact that I’d rather lay my head on my Honey’s lap and just Netflix and Chill. Ahhhhhhh, waiiiit……. maybe it’s the fact that my 50th birthday is coming up in May, eeeeekkkk!

Something magical, scary but exhilarating has happened deep inside of me this year. It’s like, I’ve been riding a bike up a giant hill, sweating and struggling.  Kind of conforming to everyone and everything else around me as I go. And somehow I made it to the top and let out a huge breath of “I don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks anymore”. Saying to myself, “I’m gonna live….my authentic life”.  I think I once heard my Grandmother Margaret say to me as a child, “at a certain age, you can say and do whatever you wish, as long as it’s true to you”.  I’m not sure if she meant at age 50 “per se”, but because that’s when she began living her authentic life as a community activist and liaison in the City of Houston, I’ll take it as a bonafide yes (from her grave) that it’s good enough for me too.

Join me with a cracked halo and weathered wings in my journey of the second half of my life. Learn about and enjoy herbal tea, experience beautiful art, be inspired by poetry, learn about food from my Italian boyfriend, and occasionally check out the ebbs and flows of my chaotic, flawed, but blessed life.  And remember, we’ve already gotten to the top of a mountain.  Leave the bike behind. Let’s take the easy way now and coast down with gentle authenticity and see where we land.  Blessings, love and light.

yvonne at easel